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Our Teacher, Musicians & Workshop givers
Stepan Christanov
Stepan Christanov
Musician & Sound Healing
Supi Suparni Neuwirth
Supi (Suparni) Neuwirth
Ocean Lover & Activist
Darya Bartul
Darya Dipa
Yoga & Meditation
DJ Gore - Göran
Göran Hielscher aka DJ Goré
DJ & Speaker
SUP Yoga, Pilates / Dance Instructor
Artsist ocean love fest 2019
Satjan Santos & Patra Devi
Water flow, Tantra & Breathwork
Colin & Deborah
Deborah & Colin
Dance, Partner Yoga, Mirrowing
Pablo Ji @oceanlovefest
Pablo Ji
Musician, InnerDance & Creativity Workshop
KULAM project
Live Ecstatic Dance, Cacao Ceremony, Singing Circle
Damian Paris
Aquahara, Ecstatic Dance
DJ Gan Gan
DJ Gan Gan
DJ & Musician
Alizz - Sound healing
DJ & Sound Therapist
Elena Gordienko
Elena Gordienko
Yoga & Mind Mediations
Brahmi Om - Musician at Ocean Love Fest
Brahmi Om
Musician - Kirtan & Workshop
Freediving, Yoga & Breath work @oceanlovefest 2020
Pammy Snow
Free Diving, Breath & Yoga Instructor

More coming soon…

Dear tribe! We are still working on the program and trying to find a perfect match of passionate ocean lovers, who like to spread their knowledge on board sharing their passion in yoga, healing, music and water activities.

If you are an artist and want to participate or like to recommend us, someone, please share your information with us here: