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Guide to Less Plastic Pollution of the Ocean

Oct 02, 2019

The ocean is our home, so we should take care of it as much as we would take care of the place where we live.

The ocean is hurt from the human behavior, the pollution we cause, and from us taking it for granted forever. The truth is that this amazing body of water is suffering every day from the activities we directly and indirectly do to it.

Plastic pollution is one of the threats that the ocean faces worldwide. Each year the size of the plastic that covers the ocean could cover the whole coastline of the planet. So, if we think that we have no impact on the ocean caused by our everyday practices, think again.

Not only does the ocean pollution impact the cleanliness of the water, but also sea turtles, fish, whales, coral reefs and countless other marine species and habitats.

One might ask: so, if we clean the ocean from the plastic, does the problem go away?

Sadly, no. plastic debris breaks down to very small particles, microplastics, and swim into the ocean, fly in the air, go into our food and into the bodies of the sea inhabitants.

However, there are still some things we can do to help the ocean plastic pollution impact decrease:

  • Reduce use of single-use plastics

Do not use plastic straws, go shopping with your own tote bags. If you have the opportunity, go to the conscious stores where you can take your own food containers and buy them with it.

  • Recycle

It is a no-brainer that you have to make sure to recycle whatever you can. Recycling helps plastic recirculate in the form of other plastic materials and sometimes clothes as well. Separate your plastic waste from other trash: metals, cardboard, paper, bio-waste, glass and so on. You can check from your local recycling center what you can do and how you can do better.

  • Take part in beach cleanups

Whether you go on vacation to a beach or leave nearby, always take time to collect trash from the coastline, even if it does not “belong” to you. Another person might have polluted beach, but it doesn’t give you an excuse to not clean up the place. After all, it is for everyone and at the end of the day we all are harmed by the consequences.

  • Educate yourself and others

Always keep up do date with the latest trends in plastic pollution, ocean facts, recycling. Learn and teach others. Help your friends to be aware of the developments in fun but informative ways.

If your friends are still not convinced we need to protect the ocean, show them the infographic we prepared for all the OCEAN LOVERS.

Facts about marine pollution
Benefits Allgemein

Benefits of Attending a Yoga Festival

Aug 24, 2019

Yoga festivals are becoming more popular in the last years, as it’s easy to observe from social media, web sites and magazines. There are almost more than hundreds of official yoga festivals all over the world.

But one question comes up when we think about that, what are the benefits of attending a yoga festival nowadays? What motivates thousands of people to travel far away from their home countries and attending yoga festivals?

Here are the 5 most common benefits why you should absolutely join a yoga festival!

  1. Increase Your Network

In yoga festivals, it is easy to make new friends and increase your network from all over the world. If you would like to meet new people on a specific level, to those who are interested in yoga the same way as you are, a yoga festival would be the best choice for you. Having conversation about your next yoga retreat, dancing and singing together, helping each other with different types of yoga variations and many more are just a few reasons that may led you to join a yoga festival. Additionally, you can also create a business network on these kinds of yoga festivals. If you are yoga teacher or working in a yoga related business, a yoga festival might be the absolute place to increase your business network. International teachers from different countries, yoga lovers, musicians, spiritual healer, artists and speakers are all becoming together on the festival to celebrate the consciousness to share and to experience as a yoga community.

2. Learn and Try New Yoga Styles

You can explore many different yoga styles from several yoga instructors on these kinds of events, such as Yoga Synergy, Empowered Arts Yoga or local styles. This also depends on where the festival takes place. You may find interesting new style of yoga. In the yoga festival, you can search for a new style of yoga that you would like to join. You can also find several of them because generally there is more than one style of yoga classes held at the same time. Additionally, you can find different workshops to learn and get idea about them.

3. Great Time For a Weekend

Take a chance to relax and fresh your mind with a festival with a quality weekend yoga festival. It is like a short way of staying away from your daily routine and stressful mind. Take a deep breath and practice yoga! If you have more time rather the festival, you can also visit the country or the local place that you attend the yoga festival. It would be amazing experience in a weekend trip.

4. Try Local and Healthy Foods

Yoga festivals might be the best way of trying and tasting best local and healthy foods. At the festival place you can find several delicious foods which made by local community. The most important benefit of these kinds of foods is almost completely being organic. Also, you may have a chance to find a fit diet for you on the workshop or from your yoga teacher.

5. Find Your New Yoga Teacher

One of the biggest chances at a yoga festival is finding a new yoga teacher for your yoga life. You can practice with several different yoga teachers in the classes, which are not from your local region. Also, you may meet with a famous yoga teacher on a festival and you may contact with them to further improve your yoga skills. As it’s known, every individual has his or her own style and way to show the path of yoga and help you to improve your mind with a unique style.


Life Is Better On The Boat

May 05, 2019

Your home for a week! You stay in a floating hotel with a daily changing view is going to guarantee an unforgettable vacation. You will be able to enjoy a totally relaxing vacation on the ocean. Isn´t it beautiful to sleep so close to the ocean, hear the sound of the waves and sleep on deck under the stars? Check out our website for more details. Can’t wait watching sunsets on board with you. From heart to heart



Dance to free the mind…

May 05, 2019


Inside every dancer is a beginner that fell in love.

While the sun sets down to say goodbye and the stars come out we open the dance floor. We will celebrate this moment with you on deck: from Ecstatic Dance, movement therapy, Contact Improvisations, Mandala dance, just dance and dance workshops during the day – dance it out. So lets dance together and celebrate this beautiful and unique life.

My heart greets your heart 💓

Gathering for good

May 05, 2019
Ocean Love Fest cooperates with Marine Conservation

Save wild ocean places – for us and for our future generation.

Check out the Marine Conservation Institute. It’s a great institute. Their priority is to secure permanent and strong protection for the oceans.

They do a lot of projects and are also a member of the High Seas Alliance, Deep Sea Conservation Coalition and National Ocean Protection Coalition, working to defend and advance marine protection at home and abroad.

Check out their page and be a part of it https://marine-conservation.org/who-we-are/#mission 

From heart to heart