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  • Take a warm jacket or sweater for the cool evenings, hiking shoes or sneakers. In the cabins you will find towels for daily use, please take your own towels for bathing.
  • Yoga material: yoga mats, blankets, clogs, pillows we have on board. But you can also bring your own mat.
  • Sockets and power: EU standard sockets are in every cabin, in the salon or at the rear deck. The. 220 volt power is turned on by a generator. In the mornings after the Yoga 09.00-11.00, in the afternoon 14.00-16.00 and on the evening after the Yoga 20.00 until 23.00 o’clock you are at your disposal
  • Baggage: We have a spacious yacht, yet space is limited. Please arrive with a soft travel bag or duffel bag (no suitcase!).
  • Sun protection: At sea, the intensity of solar radiation is many times higher than on land. We recommend that you pack waterproof sunscreen with a high SPF and sunglasses, cap or sunhat.
  • Travel pharmacy: In any case, a light analgesic, tablets or chewing gum against travel sickness and an insect spray is very useful.
  • Shoes: On the yacht, you may not wear shoes, only bathing shoes are allowed. Bath sandals or flip-flops are the best way to make your feet vacation. On deck, you can move barefoot freely. Hiking boots or sports shoes if you want to hike.
  • Sleeping on deck: If you want to sleep millions of stars on the deck outside, you need a sleeping bag. On warm summer nights, most guests sleep on deck. For sleeping outdoors, a light sleeping bag is very convenient.
  • Linen: The bed linen is changed only at the beginning of the trip. There will be no linen change during the stay. Guests wishing to have their sheets changed several times within a week should inform us earlier.
  • Bathing accessories: Most guests go into the water several times a day. Pack at least two swimwear per person. Unlike other Mediterranean countries, most bays in the region are easily accessible only from the coast. The sea water is very clean and ideal for snorkelling.
  • Book your flights accordingly:
    • On Saturday evening, the journey begins with an opening ceremony on board.
    • We leave the harbour in Bodrum Sunday morning
    • For all 4 days Oceanlove participants, arrive on until XX
  • Please tell us the exact flight details, date of birth and passport number! (If not yet given)



We will organize a transfer for you or book the transfer directly on Ticket site or contact us.

You can also organize the trip to the harbor yourself on site. For the drive to the port Gökova Ören Marina you can take the public buses or a taxi from the airport. For public transport, please inform.

Transfer organization from us

  • Collective transfer times Saturday s from Bodrum Airport to the ship: 10.00 and 13.00.
  • Our staff will meet you at the airport on international arrivals with a “Yoga Cruising” sign. After the meeting, he will organize more and bring you to the yacht. The route takes about 50 minutes. A group transfer costs € 25, – per person,
  • Greece Kos Flights / There is, public bus to the old port Kos about 5, – € / taxi costs about 35-40, – €. The taxi driver can bring you to Gusto Restoran / Owner Sinan (at the port), where we can deposit our suitcases, eat trivia, drink and use wifi.
  • Ferry from Kos to Bodrum. Please remember to take a ferry at 18.00 (catamaran) to the Cruise Port in Bodrum.

In case of emergency please contact Ibo. Turkish mobile number – Whatsapp: +90 532 404 5 444,

Arrival / Departure:

  • Embarkation on Saturday from 16.00 to 24.00. / Departure from the port Sunday morning
  • Disembarkation on Saturday until 09.00 o’clock / entrance to the harbor: Friday evening 16.00- 19.00 o’clock


  • W-Lan: The Wi-Fi access costs 10 € for the whole week.
  • Entertainment: Connections for iPhone or other devices are on board. (Bluetooth system or cable connection)
  • Medicines: On board, there is a first aid kit, if you have to take your own medication, please think about it.
  • In case of emergency, we reach a doctor or the hospital within a few hours.
  • Half board on the yacht: 7 x daily vegetarian breakfast and 6 x dinner. The meals take place together on the yacht.
  • At lunchtime, we offer you small snacks and fruit. In the afternoon there will be tea, biscuits and biscuits at around 17:00.
  • Tea, coffee, still water and fresh ginger tea are on offer.
  • All other drinks such as soft drinks and alcoholic beverages must be paid. A list is kept and settled at the end of the stay. Please do not bring drinks on board.
  • There will be regularly 2 sessions parallel, but it is up to you, what and if you want to join.
  • Some classes might be limited. So come early to save your spot.
  • The route and workshops on board can change spontaneously due to weather conditions or other circumstances.
  • In breaks and in between traveling with the boats, you can swim, snorkel, relax while reading or just relax.