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Damian Paris

Aquahara, Ecstatic Dance

Damian Paris is DJ facilitator of Ecstatic Dance, teacher of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, masseur and therapist specialized in Aguahara, Thai massage and Ayurvedic.

In 2012, he travels to Mexico where he is trained in Janzu with Sol  Naciente and then in Aguahara with Alex Siebenstern. Later he becomes one of the few instructors authorized to teach the 3 levels of Aguahara and gives trainings in Ibiza and Menorca (Spain) and Gokarna (India).
Therapy: Aguahara works on several levels: deeply relaxing the body through stretching and movements in the water, where tensions are dissolved and mobility of the joints is gained; releasing the mind by releasing stress and easily reaching a deep meditative state of absolute peace; and observing the emotions that sometimes arise thanks to the unblocking of the energy channels and the state of total passivity.  It is a unique experience, always individual, of deep inner transformation towards a state of greater harmony and fluidity.