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Darya Dipa

Yoga & Meditation
Darya Bartul

Daria will guide us with her devotion through a deep and authentic practice of Yoga, Tantra, and dance.

Darya, She was born and studied in St. Petersburg, where she graduated from the University of Culture and Arts. In 2008, she went to India to study Yoga. There she graduated from the Vedic Academy of Shivananda Yoga, TTC, and ATTC. She is a Certified Hatha Yoga teacher, from the World Yoga Alliance.

For several years she lived in Tibet and studied Tibetan tantra.

In 2016 she successfully completed the Universal Tao center, taught by Master Mantak Chia. After that, she began to lead woman Dao practices. She is also leading groups of Tantra meditations ‘’Heart tantra – the path of Love’’ and Osho meditations.

With love and peace. Om