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Deborah & Colin

Dance, Partner Yoga, Mirrowing
Colin & Deborah

The couple Deborah and Colin will share their gift with us onboard and offer heart-surrender-dance, belly dance, mirroring and partner yoga.

About Deborah Paton-Reid

Deborah was born in Geneva Switzerland from Italian origins. Deborah danced since a young age, firstly ballet and then later found passion in many other dances. In the year 2000, she completed a master Reiki course and a course in Craniosacral with a swiss Naturopath.
Whilst living in Ibiza, Deborah studied navigation and passed her exam to become a captain. The exam is internationally renowned as the PER, (Patron De Barco De recreo).

Whilst working on a boat for some time, Deborah continued to find new passions and became a practitioner of a water therapy called Wataflow, derived from Watsu and Aguahara.

In 2018 Deborah left Spain and Europe once again to follow her real passion and dream and enrolled in a very deep and intensive Dance Teacher training in Thailand for six weeks.
The course was called Mystical Dance teacher training with Monika Nataraj.

A beautiful fusion of Belly Dance, Sufi Dance and Indian Dance and daily practices of Tantric skills, meditation and yoga. After graduating from the course Deborah understood that she wanted to make dancing her main occupation and from this time on she has created a dance with her partner Colin Rubin called Heart-Surrender-Dance. They have been traveling for nearly two years together offering their dance workshops.

She recently attended a dance retreat in Bodrum Turkey (July 2019) to dive even deeper into a course of the mystical dances of the world.

About Colin Rubin

Colin was brought up with the passion of dance and music, having lived his formative years in South Africa.
After moving to Australia at age 16, he found a new passion in yoga which he practiced for over 30 years and attained the level of yoga instructor (hatha yoga in 2010) and partner yoga in 2012.

He has captured on film professional portraits, events and travel photos. This is a passion spanning over 30 years. In 2019 he has documented 4 festivals as part of the photography teams.
His love for dancing expanded into contemporary dance, salsa, bachata, kizomba, and most recently Argentinian tango. He became immersed in the heart space of tantra (in 2014) after completing a course in tantra yoga and gained a wealth of heart-connection within himself and for others in this ever-expanding path.

Playing the hang-drum, teaching yoga and leading Heart-Surrender-Dance workshops with his partner Deborah has been a culmination of all his passions.💖