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Elena Gordienko

Yoga & Mind Mediations
Elena Gordienko

Elena is a certified instructor of mindfulness practices.

She graduated the full course “Mindfulness Instructors Training (MMIT)” in 2018 and is qualified as a “Mindfulness Consciousness Practice Instructor”.
She is a Yoga therapist, anti-age coach, a teacher of body-motor practices with the experience of 10 years. Held seminars and retreats in India, USA and Ukraine. Experience in private practice – more than 14 years.
She graduated from the University of Economics, has got a Master’s degree in Economics and a certificate in Essential Medical Care. The second level of Reiki – Okuden. She developed her own author’s methodologies: “A harmony of movement for wise women” (Suza Francina’s school), “Consciousness in movement and statics”.