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Göran Hielscher aka DJ Goré

DJ & Speaker
DJ Gore - Göran

Göran aka DJ Goré is responsible for the beats on deck, which let us dance on beautiful surfaces of the waters... Followed by a funny tantra orgasm workshop, you don't want to miss.

When Göran lately reviewed old school reports from his first years in school, he was just stunned, how clear a path that offen appeared so winding was sketched already. The confirmed lack of concentration for topics that were not of his interest but abundant general knowledge made him should make him become a Jack of all trades later. And this is what he likes, because as the world is so full, so abundant, scaling up your own spectrum of knowledge and abilities makes more realms in this beautiful world accessible.

So he went from becoming a media designer to copywriting, to innovation coaching and integral systemic consultancy for companies that aim new work directions. It never made a difference to him, where to apply creativity, be it in writing, consulting, cooking, dancing or djing, because it seemed some cosmic heuristics apply to many realms of life. Not to forget a sexual therapy course for 2 years to spice up the corporate work a bit.

As he was eleven his uncle made him a gift with a plaster sculpture of a tantric maituna ritual, that became an imprint in his young boy’s brain and heart, and the journey took its course. At the age of twelve, he found a small book of yoga, stunned by your he described effects he drew the asanas way bigger on paper and pinned them to the wall and started practicing yoga.

„Be your own guru“ might have been his guiding theme and also his subtle message in all workshops he created. Once he got to Berlin around 2005 he by accident stumbled into a tantric yoga school, because he got triggered by an announcement „We barter yoga for graphic design“. So the sculpture took shape in his life.

It took him still some years before speaking in front of crowds. As he designed his first workshop „We come a bit later“, the name was changed by a festival director to ORGASMWORKSHOP and instead of awaited 30 people a 250 showed up and he knew: There is something in that topic. Or at least the name. So we keep it.

Whilst he garnished the workshop exercises with selected music he discovered the great impact of music to softly move people to dance, open up, connect, cry or smile from the heart. So he couldn’t resist any longer of becoming an ecstatic dance DJ. DJ Goré was born.