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Hannah Winkler

Singer, Musician

Hanna will lighten up the festival with her sweet voice and help you to find your own voice and sing along.

Starting out as a psychologist and yoga teacher in Germany, very soon I discovered the world of mindfulness and Eastern philosophy. My passion for the ashtanga yoga practice brought me to visit and stay longer and longer in Bali. And there, the doors to all sorts of healing & coaching modalities, the therapeutic water work and most importantly to music opened. .

In Bali I not only explored and expanded my love for music and singing – having joined so many sound healings, Kirtans and Cacao Ceremonies – but also discovered my secret love for song-writing. Melodies & lyrics that came to me seemingly out of the ethers and captivated me for days and weeks. Up to today, singing & sharing them makes me so so happy. I collected those songs and now, they are about the be shared on my debut album “shine”.

Through my singing, I intend to create beautiful and meaningful moments. Combined with the different healing modalities that I have come to learn over the years, I developed the concept of the “Healing Song Journey”.