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Jeremy Canoz

Musician, Kirtan & Yoga
Jeremy Cano

Jeremy will squeeze the juiciness out of us and will show us how we can connect with our voice and open our heart with singing and music.

Based between Corsica and Bali, world citizen, Jeremy has been on the road for the last 10 years and teaching and sharing the healing qualities of Yoga in its various forms.
His spiritual journey began after spending 12 years as a professional athlete where he found himself in critical health and mental state, pushing his body to the extreme. He discovered the practice of Yoga which brought him to supreme vitality, aliveness, and a deep love for life.
More recently he is blossoming through the devotional path of yoga through hosting his own unique style of kirtan, ecstatic, heart-warming, and healing practice of sharing sacred mantras. He creates an uplifting, joyful and connected portal where everybody’s voices and expressions are welcome.