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KULAM project

Live Ecstatic Dance, Cacao Ceremony, Singing Circle

The Kulam project is a traveling live music and dance experience. A Kulam concert is a free-flowing, completely improvised, two to three hours-long live dance music show, full of passion, invention, creativity, drama, and most of all, grooves that are impossible to ignore.

Kulam means “everyone” in Hebrew – and our shows indeed involve everyone in the creative process. Without a rigid structure or sheet music to guide the players, they are completely naked and exposed before the audience, inviting the listener and the player alike into a space of total trust. For the audience, coming along on a musical journey like this invites them to forget about their fears, limitations, preconceived notions, and surrender to the flow of music, like the musicians before their eyes do. Witness the birth of human expression with your own eyes and ears, and let your body be a part of it. A Kulam show is a drug-free high; it’s a therapy session; it’s a meditation circle; it is an opportunity to connect to the most basic flow of life, to look deep into the root, and float in the swift current of just being, right here, right now.

Kulam employs local talent wherever we go. No single concert is the same; not only is the music different, but also the musical languages are different; we aim to tap into the roots of the land where we are playing – and expose and support local talent to our ideas while also learning from them. Apart from dance journeys, Kulam is keen on doing community events wherever we play, getting people together in improvised sessions, immersing ourselves in the local cultures, enriching the communities that host us.

Kulam project was born on the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand in 2019; it grew faster than anyone expected, and in a few months the full houses were getting out of hand. We have played (30) concerts, with more then 100 musicians and took hundreds of people on an unforgettable trip. Now we are ready for the next step – bringing the Kulam experience beyond Asia, taking it wherever we can, sharing our journey with people all over the world.