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Pablo Ji

Musician, InnerDance & Creativity Workshop
Pablo Ji @oceanlovefest

The sea has always been a huge part of his life and an important source of joy and inspiration so he is very happy to share at OceanLoveFest 2019. During the festival, besides bringing you melodies from around the world he will be offering group InnerDance sessions, One on one healing, Vocal Awakening courses and magical Creativity Workshops through the musical expression.

From sound therapy to Avant-Garde music, Pablo Ji is an eclectic multi-instrumentalist, composer and therapist to whom music is not only a way to express himself and create a connection but above all a spiritual path. Initially carrying the musicality of his native South America he has explored countless styles of music throughout his career, from Bossa Nova to Experimental to Indian Classical. A Master of Music from the University of Rio de Janeiro, Pablo Ji has also traveled extensively from an early age in search of knowledge and direct life experience.

As a composer, he has written for every kind of ensemble, from solo instruments to orchestra. As a performer, he has collaborated with numerous artists and offered his solo concerts and Sound Journeys in over 40 countries. As a therapist he knows that be it through simple listening or through active making, music connects us to the Self and testifies to our oneness-with-nature. He believes that Music is a sound simile of the universe itself in a human creative scale and as such, it can be molded by body, mind, heart, and soul to transport us to a place where we can act out and consciously manipulate our own psychic world achieving healing and transformation as in a shamanic process. A small part of his varied musical activity can be found on his Fb page “Pablo Ji – Music For Peace” and his homonymous Soundcloud page.