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Satjan Santos & Patra Devi

Water flow, Tantra & Breathwork
Artsist ocean love fest 2019

Satjan Santos and Patra Devi met originally in India where they were both involved with Tantra teachings and Shadow work therapy. Their individual life experiences when joined created a synergy in which a new level of growth was possible personally and professionally, giving Birth to LETSBELOVED movement.

The work already in place by Patra Devi took new format and power when Satjan joined forces and naturally new seminars were created based on the relationship experiences and the continuous trainings they participate.
Their passion for developing this work is to teach what they have learned through their own inner journey and from being together these years.
They offer seminars and individual/couples sessions on helping people to learn how to empower themselves and others, teaching the tools of a deep, committed relationship and coaching Tantra for daily life.

Satjan Santos 
Trained in the healing arts of Atlas Balancing alignment, Cranio-Sacral therapy, Counseling, non-violent communication, Oneness University Trainer, Physical Education degree and Phycology.
Founder of the retreat center NAVILLA in a preserved river/mountain area of Brasil.

Patra Devi  
Psychologist, Master Shiatsu of School Odha, trained RPT Therapy, focus session, breath work and learning Love Institute
Leads Women Circles and Tantric practices, seminars and Mandala Dance.  Founder and Creator of the Transformational Process KALI-TRUTH and the School “THE CREATOR OF YOUR LIFE”.