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Stepan Christanov

Musician & Sound Healing
Stepan Christanov

Stepan will offer his beautiful citar music in the open ceremony, life during yoga sessions and in chanting circles over the whole week. His sweet Indian tunes will nourish our heart and soul.

 I first got familiar with Indian classical music in 2007 during trip to India. Once in Varanasi, I met Shivnath Mishra – the virtuoso of sitar, eleventh generation musician and the Academy’s of Indian Classical Music founder. Shivnath Mishra became my teacher and I stayed in Varanasi to master the art of the sitar play.
I adhere to the classical music tradition, but I also experiment with different sounds combining the sitar with other instruments, voice and electronic music. During my artistic career I’ve collaborated with various musicians, taken part in European and international festivals.

In addition to playing music, I teach yoga and hold sound healing (musical meditation) sessions.

I’m into creating the Music, feeling the process of people’s connection through art, sharing art that transforms the world.

I wish you joy and peace! Be happy!