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Supi (Suparni) Neuwirth

Ocean Lover & Activist
Supi Suparni Neuwirth

Supi, co-founder of the OCEAN LOVE FEST, is a big ocean lover and activist!  She will show us how to create solutions to protect the ocean and the environment like how to produce your own sunscreen and a beach cleanup.

Supi’s full name Suparni means „well winged” or “the one with beautiful wings“ in Sanskrit and so she is. A free spirit. She calls herself a lifestyle designer: the serial entrepreneur works as a marketing specialist and consultant, retreat and festival organizer, publisher of German vegan cooking books and a vegan food blogger, a life and nutrition coach as well an occasional yoga teacher. She loves helping individuals and organizations to find their purpose and grow in a holistic way.

She is a positive thinking soul and focuses on the good and better parts of the world. That’s why she feels called to help other people to transform, shift their mindset and create their own lifestyle and business with purpose and impact.

Influenced by their parent’s Yoga, meditation, healthy and vegetarian nutrition, as well as spirituality at all, have always been part of her life. But she knows the other western side as well and loves to find solutions to connect both worlds together in a modern way of living.

Suparni made her teacher training 2011 in Thailand with Blooming Lotus and teaches primarily Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. On top, she made some special certificates in AirYoga, Prana Flow and Yoga for burn out (-prevention).

Personally, she likes to practice her own patchwork yoga style influenced by many great yoga teachers around the world. Besides that, she likes Rocket Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Kirtans, Cacao Ceremonies and is passionate with Ecstatic Dance.

Supi worked with already as a research diver in Raja Ampat, was teaching local communities about the environmental impact and ocean conservation and helped organizations in promoting and fundraising campaigns.

She produces her own cosmetics and has the vision to help you and the ocean to connect, deepen the relationship and increase awareness about a conscious living with each other.